Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where To Pick Up Women - Great Places To Meet More Women

You don't have to find wonder woman to be happy.

There are women everywhere you go so let me open your eyes to endless possibilities and undiscovered 'untapped' locations that are FULL of women.

Picking up women is difficult for some while with others it can one of the easiest steps to finding women.

There are so many places I frequent when meeting women it isn’t funny … I may be picking up my dry cleaning and all of a sudden a cute red head walks in to pick up hers and we’ll start chatting.

It’s that easy for me…

I’m nothing special too … I’m freakishly tall, lanky, stoop slightly and have average looks however I still manage to strike up conversations with women EVERYWHERE I go…

Which means if I can do it then so can you.

This is a SKILL that most men can easily learn with patience and more importantly persistence.

Picking up women in bars is so old school. Now the hot and super attractive women don’t even frequent bars anymore because they get approached so many times. They’re sick of sleazy guys who “don’t get it” approaching them …

I mean who wouldn’t be sick of bars if you were approaches 30 times on Friday night …

Well I’m glad you’re here with me and learning these life-enhancing skills. Picking up women will be the easiest skill you could have with some practice.

Picking up women in “normal” places:

-The Bookstore; good places to meet women and this is the typical “dream” place that women want men to approach them in.

I occasionally approach women here. I spot women browsing through a book and say “Hey that’s a great book…would you like to know the ending?” this always gets a good laugh. Most of all during the day focus on being playful and non-threatening. Meeting women will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

-Supermarket; awesome places for meeting women. Start slowly and un-confrontantional and progress into asking what she plans on cooking you for dinner.
-Shopping malls; these are excellent places to meet women. Get their opinion on fashion advice as some crazy Irish guy just tried to crack onto you. Ask her whether any of your current attire says “I cross onto the brown side” haha

-Parks; Get her opinion on anything here. In my experience most women are open to talking to people in parks, it should be quite easy you just have to see for yourself.
-Streets; I stop women all the time in the street and ask for directions, I then turn this around and get their opinion on something girly. This is the BEST way to meet women during the day. This does require some persistence, as it can be tough keeping their interest initially as MOST people walking in the street have a place to go. Then again some don’t. : )

-Touristy Places ;bring a camera down to these places and ask them to take a picture of you. Then continue the conversation easily by saying that they would make awesome photographers and should join your staff. Say this jokingly. Most women in these places will be chilled and wont be anywhere in a hurry.

-Department stores (sells clothing), another good way of meeting women. Ask her for an opinion on pink shirts for guys …Tell her you don’t get why guys where them.

-Coffee shops; my favorite (another one). Sit down and join them, tell them you can’t stay long and get their opinion on something. Stress to them you cant stay long as it’ll make them feel comfortable.

-While you’re driving (this is upper funny to try) I have a friend that does this all the time and gets massive success from it too. He drives just a Volvo too …He’ll be in the passenger seat and spot women while waiting for the traffic lights to change. He already has a cardboard prepared in his backseat and he’ll stick it to the car window “0403####098 LETS CHAT” the girl/s would giggle and call him then and there and he would chat. This is a very unique way of meeting women and is the most fun.
-Hotel Lobbies; if you travel quite a bit then this is a good way to meet women. Just make sure it’s a BUSY lobby and has a busy lobby bar (most do) you can start conversations here easy, as it shouldn’t be loud.

-Bus Stops; easy places for meeting women are bus stops. I usually start conversations with “have you been waiting long? ……thanks…the other day I had to wait here with Doris I think they call her..She’s the local hobo that collects plastic bags and feeds the pigeons …she had a bag full of live pigeons she was planning on selling… I give her more credit…she’s a business woman in disguise that Doris moving up the corporate ladder”

This usually gets me a laugh and I continue on from there.

Trade Shows; great places for meeting women as if you’re an exhibitor you have a reason to chat with her. “How business, are you getting your name out there?” “How's your day going” you don’t necessarily have to use an opinion opener here you can just chat with her.

You now realize that meeting women is a lot easier now that you know where to find them. You ALSO have the regular places that I didn’t mention above like work, friends of friends, bars and clubs, online dating, social groups (tennis/clubs) and rock concerts : )
Article thanks to The Player Society


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